NurtureLife® Massage Courses

Becoming a NurtureLife® Practitioner will give you advanced skills and insight into caring for women during the perinatal period and beyond. Once certified via our comprehensive training program, NurtureLife® Practitioners deliver specialised massage treatment that focuses on nurturing both mother, baby and partner.

If you would like to know more about how to become part of a collaborative team of highly sort after unique pregnancy massage specialists, visit our Contact Us page for more details.

NurtureLife® Practitioner of Pregnancy Massage Courses

Pillow Talk

Let’s talk about massage treatment for a pregnant woman; how and why it is varied from other massage treatments, and how the choice of client lying position and pillow support can gain the optimum benefit during the massage treatment.

The side lying position resembles a foetal position, and offers many physical and psychological comforts for a pregnant client. Pregnancy massage becomes part of her on-going perinatal support and care plan. The side lying position offers a range of very positive responses for Mum, baby and therapist. This position enables easy access to all areas of the body – it is important to treat the whole body in pregnancy so the overall outcome of the treatment is wholly beneficial.

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