NurtureLife® Practitioners are unique providers of specialist perinatal care and support techniques.

Committed to supporting women on their journey through pregnancy and beyond. Delivering massage for pregnancy and labour, partner training and postnatal services.


NurtureLife® is a holistic perinatal massage therapy method developed and taught by Pregnancy Massage Australia®, that supports women who are nurturing new life.

NurtureLife® was born from a desire to share our specialist knowledge and natural support techniques with women on their journey through pregnancy and beyond. The NurtureLife® therapy method is based on a natural, comprehensive approach to perinatal care, offering a broad range of support with a unique focus on massage.


BIG conference news!

We are planning our very first PMA Pregnancy, Labour and Postnatal Conference, planned for May 2019. We are busy developing the conference content now, including discussing the findings from the cohort study undertaken by Dr Sarah Fogarty and Catherine McInerney around safety and pregnancy/postnatal massage. The conference will cover topics relating to safety during pregnancy, and will include a demonstration of …

Pillow Talk

Let’s talk about massage treatment for a pregnant woman; how and why it is varied from other massage treatments, and how the choice of client lying position and pillow support can gain the optimum benefit during the massage treatment. The side lying position resembles a foetal position, and offers many physical and psychological comforts for a pregnant client. Pregnancy massage …

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